Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Water Never Gets Any Warmer

Got to the pool and spotted Chatty Kathleen's husband which meant Chatty Kathleen was nearby.

Paid the entrance fee and greeted one of the coaches of the youth swim team. I'm so proud of you, she said.

The coach is one of those folks who has a warm, cheerful disposition. I wondered why she was proud of me. Because I show up? Maybe she's used to saying that to the kids. Either way, I'll take it.

As I put my paraphernalia on the bench, this guy told me that I could have the lane. I'm only going to swim for 45 minutes and I haven't been swimming in a while, he said.

Kathleen had already claimed her lane. Seriously, it might as well have her name on it. Knew that I was in trouble when Kathleen said the water was a bit cold. She loves cold water. Eased my way into the water then stood there for about 15 minutes. Don't know why I take this approach because the water never gets any warmer.

Despite the water temp, felt fresh and energetic once I got going.

One of the lifeguards got into the water and I asked if he was doing sprints. His response? I'm just trying to stay warm.

Despite a workout interrupted by chattiness, I felt better about the world after my swim.

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