Sunday, November 9, 2014

Grab and Go

Please bring me a Pepsi Max Chiquita texted before I headed to the ER to meet her.

I threw an orange, energy bars, mints and cough drops in my bag and headed out. The gas station that I stopped at didn't have Pepsi Max so I grabbed a regular old Pepsi with a frightening amount of sugar. No caffeine in the mix but I was sure that the sugar would do the trick.

A couple of weeks ago when I headed to the ER for a different relative, the security guard asked me to put my bag on the belt and she was like We have oranges, tortillas chips... She found the contents of bag amusing for some reason.

This one family in the ER tried to decide where to eat and this one woman said that she couldn't go to nearby Popeyes. I don't eat fast food, she said.

Chiquita and I decided to go to Chipotle where we both tried to pay and said You pay next time at the same time.

I have no idea what I'll be eating tomorrow as I've had no time to meal plan or no time for much else either...

Picked these up on a whim.

I've never tried honey for a sore throat so thought it'd be nice to try these drops. Good decision.


  1. There are too many unanswered questions in this post! Was Chiquita okay with the regular Pepsi? Is she the one in the hospital? How long have you had a sore throat? Are you calling in sick today?

    I've had Ricola honey cough drops, although they're probably just honey-flavored. Haven't noticed them to be beneficial in any way, except as an excuse to eat candy masquerading as medicine...

    Also Chipotle is probably the best choice when faced with fast food options...

  2. LOL...

    Okay, that was misleading. Chiquita provided transportation for another relative and, yes, she was okay with the regular Pepsi. I thought about making another detour but didn't want her to fall asleep while I went in search of the perfect soda.

    First noticed cold symptoms on Friday. Have not taken any sick days. How under the weather do you have to be to take a sick day?

    You definitely have to be careful with the cough drops. I finished that bag which had twenty drops in them and I'm deep into another one but I've also been drinking more fluids. Hope that it balances out...

    P.S. Chiquita is not allowed to get sick. Can't take another "woman" down right now.