Sunday, November 30, 2014

Don't Feel Bad or Month-End Review, November

"Open" on S. Grand Business District
Didn't mean to disappear... Went to my brother's for Thanksgiving along with four others and it was a comedy of errors as far as communication went.

Rode with my uncle and his woman friend. Less than a mile from my brother's, we got pulled over by a cop who was concerned that my uncle was driving slow in the left lane. The cop told my uncle, twice, that In Missouri, we don't drive slow in the left lane. Just ridiculous and unnecessary statements right now.

Rode Amtrak back and, about three hours into trip, Chiquita texted me to say that she was at hospital with aunt and somebody had just coded. As we rolled into downtown St. Louis and I spotted the Scottrade Center, I started to think Be it ever so humble,,, but couldn't finish the sentiment because it didn't really feel nice to be back in St. Louis...

Asked Alison if she was up for going to Rooster after yoga then checking out the artwork on the boarded up businesses. I have been eating out a lot but, ironically, I've lost 10 pounds (of the 20 that I gained back). However, I don't feel bad about eating at Rooster or Lulu's for that matter. Hard to feel guilty about Lulu's sweet potato black bean burger. Don't feel bad about the decadent foods I had for Thanksgiving either since I missed several meals while traveling...

Savory crepe: goat cheese, mushrooms, spinach, tomato jam @ Rooster

Missed a few days of exercise and didn't do nearly enough yoga but, for the most part, I managed to stay on track in November:

10 Minute Solution: Fitness Ball Workout
*Upper Body, 1 x

10 Minute Solution: Knockout Body Blast!
*Knockout Body Cardio, 2 x's

Climbing, 2 x's

Ellen Barrett Live: Super Fast Body Blast!*, 1 x

Dance Off The Inches: Dance It Off & firm up!*, 4 x's

Dance Off The Inches: hip hop jam*
*Cali Pop, 1 x

Just Walk: 5 Mega Miles
*Mile 5: Ab Walk

Just Walk: mix + match: walk blasters*

*Dance Walk, 1 x
*Light Walk, 1 x
*Walk & Kick, 1 x

Just Walk: Walk to the Hits: Party Songs
*Mile 1, 5 x's
*Mile 2, 5 x's
*Mile 3, 3 x's

Latin Cardio Party
*Samba!, 1 x

Personal Training with Jackie
*15-Minute Upper Body Circuit, 1 x

Swimming, 2 x's

Weight Watchers 15-Minute Boot Camp Series
*15-Minute Cardio

willPower & grace, 1 x

Yoga, 5 x's

Zumba, 6 x's

Zumba Fitness, 1 x

Money has been raised for the small businesses in the S. Grand district where so many windows were broken.

The Eye Guy -- Peat Wollager
*Disclosure: I received this video without charge.

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