Sunday, November 16, 2014

The No-Issue Zone

Feeling unprepared for many things including the cold weather.

Went to Macy's yesterday even though I just wanted to nap all day. Haven't been to the mall in ages. After fumbling around in several areas, I went to the Jones of New York area because I know that brand fits decently. Almost found one top that I like but...

Left the mall after one store since I never have a lot of stamina for the mall and I headed to Trader Joe's, World Market, a filling station then decided to try Marshalls. Found a dark top even though I want to start wearing lighter colors and, of course, found a really cute, colorful workout top...

Hoping Silver Jewelry Will Help

No Help Needed
Went to Gloria's class this past Wednesday and I was grateful because I found out that she was going to be out of town and, since Gloria's away, my yoga curiosity got the best of me and I went, along with Alison, to another studio -- a place where Gloria briefly taught.

Gloria -- Still On The Wall
Alison and I were the first to arrive. What do you need today? Maury inquired. I'm so unaccustomed to that question that I almost got whiplash.

I like Maury a lot. He told us You're the diva on your mat and This is a no-issue zone. He may or may not have referenced The Real Housewives reality series.

Maury went on to explain that it was a community class, that he was doing such a class because yoga can be expensive. We were free to donate what we wanted but Maury said that he was worth more than a Big Mac. And he totally is. I really enjoyed his class. When I commented to Alison that Maury is a nice visual reference when he gets into poses, she said Yes, he moves like a dancer.

Before I headed to yoga, watched a bit of CBS Sunday Morning and enjoyed several segments including the one on Katey Sagal (of Married with Children fame) and one about Jason Brown, an NFL player who voluntarily retired in his prime.

P.S. 'Fugee, see what Brown says about love...

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