Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Glass House

Got several emails last night including one from the 'Fugee with a sad face and one from Alison wanting to know if I was safe.

I'm close to the area where Vonderrit Myers was killed and it's also been a gathering place for protests.

As I pushed the trash cart out last night, saw police blocking off a street and the soundtrack for last night was helicopters.

Woke up feeling sad and wasn't good for much today as I couldn't concentrate on anything.

As I headed to work saw many businesses that I like, including Rooster which Alison and I just went to on Sunday, boarded up. Rooster recently opened and it's practically a glass house.

A call went out to artists and they painted the boards of the businesses...

Went swimming tonight and, besides a student/teacher, I was the only one in the pool. It was nice to stretch out and calm my mind...


  1. I've been worried about you, not sure where you live in relation to the scene(s). Be safe!

    Also I love what the artists did with the boarded up businesses.

  2. Am safe... Sorry that I didn't respond earlier but life has been a little challenging of late.