Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Stay Tall

Finally got into a groove after three laps. Diving mom was at the pool again.

You're already leaning; stay tall. Reach...reach; see how that gets you higher? At one point, diving mom demonstrated something to diving kid and her alignment was special and had she lifted her leg in the back, it would have been Virabhadrasana III a.k.a. Warrior III.

I swam 20 laps and headed to the locker room where this woman came in with a hood over her head. Aren't you cold? I chuckled. Knew that she was Bosnian and Bosnians don't swim in certain conditions including chilly weather. It's never the weather that I'm concerned about. It's the water temp in the pool but, thankfully, the pump has been fixed and the water is not as frigid as it has been.

The woman was really cold because she had been sitting outside watching a soccer game which had gone into overtime.

This other woman told me that she and her daughter were watching me swim since her daughter wants to be on the swim team and she needs to work on her strokes. Her poor daughter. She better watch someone else swim. Nevertheless, it was nice for the woman to tell me that.

As I headed out the pool house door, I saw a line up of about forty cars. The soccer game had let out.

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