Thursday, November 20, 2014


I was released from jury duty yesterday. Pretty much said that I didn't have the emotional stamina for another murder case.

When I told one of my colleagues that I would be out on Monday for jury duty, she said Again? and yet another colleague kept telling me not to get picked which is why it was so funny when the prosecutor said All of you trying not to make sudden movements and not talking doesn't mean you won't get selected...

The prosecutor started off by telling us that she has Bell's palsy and that because we take so many of our cues from people's faces, she wanted us to know that she's not smirking or laughing at anything inappropriate but she just doesn't have control over one side of her face...

Don't mind doing my civic duty but I'm still haunted by the murder trial that I had to sit on about ten years ago plus the three month grand jury stint when one day of the week was set aside for sexual assault and domestic violence cases.

On a really silly note, the attorneys tell you the order in which they'll field questions: jury box, seats, right, left... As the prosecutor was deep into questions (like the seventh page), the more she said right, left, it made me think of this silly Zumba song and I have Zumba earworms all the time now.

Went to Zumba tonight and Shawny didn't disappoint. She had me cracking up when she said that her thighs have a mind of their own. I ain't no small girl. Y'all know that...

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