Tuesday, December 2, 2014


The good thing about going swimming when it's cold is that the pool is not crowded.

I did have to psych myself up to get out the door though. Also decided to cut the tags off the swimming suit that I ordered during the summer.

Somehow managed to order a tall even though I thought that I'd duplicated the order down to the color.

The tall is a little spanx-y but I like the extra upper body coverage and I loved swimming without shoestrings holding up my suit. I had also resorted to wearing two suits and that was, literally, a drag. Felt unencumbered and energetic tonight. Maybe my new suit has superpowers...


  1. Was the two-suit method because the elastic was stretched out?

    This summer my favorite suit was the one that was one size too small. It kept everything in place really well.

  2. Yes, this suit keeps everything in place too and, yes, I wore two suits because of wear and tear but the two-suit method doesn't look very attractive.