Saturday, December 6, 2014


Did you know that people bury urns? I didn't either.

Seems redundant to have someone cremated then buried.

My aunt Alice is not keen on cremation. Although my aunt, late in the game, said that she wanted to be cremated my aunt Al said that she never expressed it to her and when Chiquita asked Al if she liked an urn with mother of pearl on it, she said I don't pick urns, I pick caskets...

My aunt Al still has her sense of humor though. When we were at the hospital on Wednesday and I discovered how hungry I was, the cafeteria had already closed. Don't you have any yogurt in that bag? she asked. My folks love to joke with me about tofu and yogurt and...

On Thursday, I took sandwiches from Crazy Bowls and Wraps because I didn't know how long I would be away from home. Should have known that my aunt Girt would bring food. Between Crazy Bowls and the soup and cornbread that my aunt G. brought, we were covered.

Several of us ate wraps but there were still a couple left. As I prepared to leave, my aunt Al said You better take this high-priced food home.


  1. My brother's urn is in a cemetery. They have a sort of wall where there are niches for urns. When my mother dies, she wants my father's ashes put there as well as her own. Which is good, because I'm pretty sure neither my brother nor myself is going to want to cart around both our parent's urns for the rest of our lives. And then who do we leave them to? Neither of us have children.

    We don't have Crazy Bowls and Wraps here, but it looks good.

  2. Yes, I heard niche a lot. We were also told that not everyone wants an urn because some people don't want to keep the ashes.

    I think of people scattering ashes at sea etc. but, of course, there are many options.

    P.S. I think that I've made Chiquita crazy for Crazy Bowls...