Saturday, December 20, 2014


My body feels out of alignment.

Left knee occasionally feels like it wants to buckle. Right hip is tweaked. Shoulders are unhappy and, sometimes, my right triceps and neck join the club. Now that I think about it, the right knee is not that happy either.

All tweaks were relatively quiet until I hit Zumba today. The class seemed like it went on forever because I felt knackered early in the game.

When Laura played Lady GaGa's suggestive Christmas song, realized that I had not popped my Christmas CD into the player yet. That's so me to start playing Christmas music after Dec. 25th and, possibly, after the decorations have come down...

Finally got around to taking a salt bath. If nothing else, I got more reading done than I have in a while.

Traveled quite a bit today. Went to revisit one of the resale shops that I had been to. Was not successful in finding pants but did find a top that I really like and it's colorful for once. The top is from Chico's and I can see why my cousin Chiquita likes to shop there.

Also went to The Hill to get stocking stuffers. Haven't been in ages so it was nice to look around. In fact, I'm never seen the statue of Italian immigrants. Also saw a very cute doggie in the window.

The whole holiday shopping thing is interesting. The family really doesn't buy gifts for each other anymore. Most of my folks give away cookies and cakes. Le sigh...

I know that most of my folks have what they need and a lot of the stuff that they want but I still get caught up in the game. In addition, there's always that one person, outside of family, that gives you something unexpectedly.

I do try to give people uncluttered gifts or experience gifts. It's hard not to get swept up in the madness but there is also part of me that likes to give the folks in my life a little something.

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