Saturday, December 13, 2014

Something Blue

Chiquita had on black and royal blue for my aunt's funeral and I wish that I'd been able to find royal blue as well since my aunt expressed an interest in having a royal blue dress toward the end of her life.

The good thing about Chiquita is that she loves to dress up and usually has multiple bracelets and necklaces on and she does it in the most tasteful fashion.

Told Alison how I didn't succeed in finding any clothes and she said that she was no good under pressure either.

Went with my go-to Jones of New York blouse, black blazer and black slacks. I don't do dresses.

Borrowed Necklace
Did a tribute for my aunt and I was scheduled after the memorial DVD. Luckily, there was a soloist in between the DVD and my tribute. Otherwise, I don't know if I could have pulled myself together in time. Almost lost it after I said that my aunt never threw in the towel but I recovered even though I started speaking loudly.

After leaving Illinois, stopped downtown to get a chickpea burger then went to the 'Fugee's where we watched Wish I Were Here. A good movie but not a good one to watch when you're grieving. I had quickly watched a YouTube trailer because I wanted to stop by the Redbox since my Netflix movie did not get to the station on time.

As Mike said when we climbed on Wednesday, mortality blows.

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