Sunday, December 28, 2014

Unprecedented Indulgence

Pretty much invited myself to Asmira's since her birthday was earlier in the week and I was still in possession of 2013's gift.

Called myself avoiding the dinner hour but...

For Asmira (and Alison), hospitality is high art. I could retreat to either woman's house and feel at ease. Tucked away. Comfortable. Safe.

I started off with the 3.5 cups of green tea -- extra delicious because of the organic honey that I put in there and I don't usually sweeten my tea.

Asmira then offered me cake and cookies left over from her daughter's baby shower and it was a thick piece (not the one below).

Asmira also fed me broccoli and cheese soup which I dunked bread into. Also had cheese and crackers. I later emailed Alison and told her that I was pretty sure that I'd eaten 5,000 calories.

Asmira's confections
It's been a long time since I've had so much sugar...

I was at the 'Fugee's on Friday and one of her friend's popped in. When he found out that she was having dinner with two people, he stopped by Aldi's, put on an elf hat and delivered these gingerbread situations.

I've also been given Godiva and my aunt made me a personal pan of sweet potato pie.

Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

I may never recover...


  1. Blogger is being a jerk again about letting me post comments.

    Can you please email me? I want to tell you something and not sure I have your email address anymore. You can use my or the gingerzingi yahoo email.

  2. Also, I wish I lived next door to Asmira.

  3. Asmira would definitely be a good neighbor. :)