Monday, May 18, 2015

Binds and Whatnot

One of my neighbors asked me if I was tired of walking to work and also wanted to know if starting the day off walking made for a prolonged day.

When I walk or bike to work, I feel like I own more of the day. Same thing for setting aside 15 minutes in the morning to read. I could get to work earlier but...

Night three of dreaming. Can't recall Saturday's dream but last night dreamed that I was bicycling until I came upon a washed out rode. Spotted a semi-submerged grayish fish in the water when I had to stop bicycling...

Came home, cut the grass -- yadda yadda yadda -- showered then headed to yoga.

Believe it or not, I wonder sometimes why I'm sitting in a yoga class. Those thoughts usually creep up when eagle pose (can't stand it) or a bind is called for but despite eagle et al. Monday night is definitely a good night for yoga.

As savasana started, Joy said Every single cell of your body...soft, relaxed and disengaged. Seriously Joy? It's a mission that I'll accept again and again.

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