Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rained Out

It pretty much rained all day long. Yeah, I know -- April showers.

I did a modest amount of uncluttering in the paper department. Came across two expired credit cards that I never activated and unpleasant work emails. Not sure why I printed those to begin with. Felt good to get rid that stuff. Can't imagine the energetic weight.

Also got around to washing clothes and sweeping the fish tank. Finished reading the Aha! April issue of Psychology Today. I've been thinking about Tania Luna, the suprisologist, for a while now. It was one of the first articles that I read days ago in that issue. There was also an interesting article, The New Survivors, about people with cancer.

Liked how Susan Gubar talked about gravy days and  there was a part of Ellen Stovall's story that was "funny" to me. Stovall went to a therapist to help with anxiety after a diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma.
The therapist gave her a dog-training clicker and instructions to click it whenever she found herself ruminating about what might go wrong, then force herself to do something else, such as baking or taking a walk.(Pg 82)
I bet a lot of us need clickers...

Lost myself in the Viva el Capitalismo! issue of Newsweek. There's a psychology professor, Sandra Soca Lozano, featured in the story and she makes $30 a month and won't leave Cuba because she's an only child. When she goes out to dinner with Abigail Jones, the journalist, and others at a fancy restaurant, she realizes "...Working in my field (education) will never allow me to go by myself to places like that. I will always have to wait to be invited by someone else."

Reading Lozano's comments just made me realize (again) how so many of my days are gravy days.

In that same Newsweek, I enjoyed an article about yarn bombing. Would have loved to seen Steve Duneier's project up close and personal. I'm smitten with Duneier's new year commitment of having "Giving" and "Learning" resolutions...


  1. I need one of those dog clickers...

    And also bacon treats for a reward.

  2. LOL

    Patti says that her dog only goes outside to get the treats that will be offered to get her to come back inside.