Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dreams Are Made of This...

Dreamed that I was covered in blood -- from head to toe. One wound was gaping which made blood drip from my fingers.

The 'Fugee and I watched Selma so there was no need to go to Dream Moods although I did... 

Could have stayed in the house today. Another weekend without bicycling because of the rain. Zumba wasn't particularly calling my name but it was more appealing than figuring out what to do on my own.

Because of a minor procedure, the regular Saturday Zumba teacher has not been there in about two months. Sub number three, Grace, was in the house. I was briefly confused when I saw Shannon, a.k.a. the yelper, who's subbed before.

After class I joked with Shannon that she didn't yelp nearly as much as a student and she told me that she got in a couple of yelps but it didn't seem right to do a lot of yelping since someone else was teaching.

It was kind of cool to have Grace leading and Shannon as her right-hand woman because, at one point, Grace went to adjust the sound system and I just followed Shannon's lead because she, of course, knew the routine.

Back to Selma...

As I watched the movie, thought about something Oprah Winfrey said a long time ago: Your ticket has already been bought and paid for...


  1. re: Selma. My thoughts recently have been along the lines of "Why are we still having this conversation?" i.e., why is it still necessary to be having this conversation?

  2. I know... There's a "Black Lives Matter" sign on one of my walking routes that makes me feel like I'm in "The Twilight Zone."