Friday, May 8, 2015

Rewiring The Noodle

When Alison and I went to the Cinco de Mayo yoga event, told her that the camera had stopped working on my iPod with the shattered glass. Alison said that my iPod looked like roadkill.

Shattered glass, broken camera, malfunctioning home button and crashing apps -- it was time to let go of my refurbished iPod that I got in 2011.

When I opened my new iPod, I was shocked to see that Alison and I had purchased our devices in mid-March. Talk about delayed gratification. Can't believe that I waited so long to open it. The new bells and whistles gave me a little insight to why people stand in line when Apple products are released.

I'm missing a lot of music thanks to the virus that hit my computer so I'll have to break out the CDs and import music again. Maybe I can outsource this task?

My replacement Fitbit arrived. I christened it at Zumba yesterday and had, roughly, 6,000 steps from Shawny's beat down of a class. I asked Shawny what did she do before class. Take a nap, she responded. I need to try that next time...

This morning's pre-work reading was from the April issue of Psychology Today. I took note of the Is Your Smartphone Making You Dumb? article:
Because your phone doesn't even have to be in your hand to decrease your cognitive abilities, perhaps it's best to keep it hidden during tasks that demand your attention. 
I, at least, try to honor this idea during yoga. I don't have a smart phone and I don't really have a smart device when I carry it around unless I'm near a wifi signal but still...

I really like the tips for How To Coax An Aha! from the same issue of Psychology Today.

According to Roland Griffiths, meditation is a good way to ready the mind. However, he concedes that "It's not easy, and it can be really frustrating initially because the mind mutinies..." Yes it does.

Other tips include breaking a sweat and hitting the road.

Re: hitting the road, the author says: When we travel, we put ourselves in a position of receptivity to novelty: new ideas, new rituals, new perspectives. Thus do we make new associations, rewire our noodles, and effectively become different people.

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