Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Usual

The usual -- yoga, bicycling etc.  my response to someone's question about what I would do with myself during the weekend.

The someone was a colleague that I don't often work with. This (our new building) would be a great place for yoga. She asked where I practiced yoga and wondered about how good the teachers are at my fitness club.

I reminded her about the donation-based outdoor yoga. What is it with outdoor yoga? My friend went and they took booty shots. Yes, booty shots do tend to happen....

I have a strong urge to document so I have mixed emotions about the designated photographers for yoga gatherings. Yesterday I went to a Yoga Buzz event that was part of a Mind and Body health festival. The photographer clicked and clicked and clicked.

Doing yoga can be a vulnerable experience so it's weird to have someone document the experience and I was glad when the clicking stopped.

Elle's class was good for me though because half the stuff coming out of her mouth was funny and I have been in the crabby zone.

After yoga spotted the big top of Circus Flora which made me smile. Remember the Far Side cartoon about two men who run away from corporate jobs to join the circus? I won tickets to see Circus Flora and I'm looking forward to going.

Went to Gloria's yoga class today then made a quick stop by her house since she wanted to give me a pair of sandals that were too big for her. We wear the same size but my foot is wider. The sandals fit like a glove but I was more excited about Gloria's garden. It was a little oasis of kale, beets, basil etc. and that cheered me up. I need to get to the MO Botanical Garden.


  1. 95% of the yoga photographs I've ever seen are downward dog. The other 5% are lotus.

    I'm smiling at the idea of the sandals fitting like a glove. You have some weird feet :-D !

  2. And they say that headstand is the king of yoga poses...

    They fit like Vibram Five Fingers???