Sunday, May 3, 2015

One Pedal At A Time

Turkey That Crossed The Tracks (Photo Credit: Alison)
Just getting around to drinking the coffee that I made this morning since Alison and I got together for a bike ride earlier than expected.

We stopped at the visitor center at mile three to say hi to the bike guide who then gave me the business about not wearing a helmet. He went on tell me that his daughter had been in an accident and her helmet split in two. He told this story in amusing fashion but he was serious and even told Alison to refuse to ride with me unless I had on a helmet.

We went out to mile eight then turned around. It was so windy on the way back. We kept telling ourselves to keep pedaling.

At some point after we left, Alison and I spotted a car in the intersection, a bike and a man curled into a C position. I knew, without a doubt, that Alison was getting out. I put my emergency flashers on and got out as well. The guy kept saying that he was okay, wanted to get up so that he didn't stall traffic and he also looked back to make sure his equipment a.k.a. bike was okay. The cyclist had scrapes on the front and back of his head and the driver's windshield was shattered in the corner.

Not sure what happened but the driver seemed nice and he seemed sober. There was also a lot of traffic downtown because of the Cardinals' game. After the police and ambulance arrived, we wished them well and headed back to our cars...

Saw that I had multiple messages when I got home. My nephew, who just got back from overseas, was making a pit stop on the way to his next assignment so I grabbed a few peanuts and headed to Illinois.

Came back home and took a rare nap. Feeling a little bit more human again but not a lot.

Photo  Courtesy of Alison, Riverfront Trail

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