Monday, November 23, 2015

But She Said

Gingerzingi's comment about an album cover made me think about the yoga retreat shared album.

For a moment, thought I would have to join Facebook so that I would be able to see everyone's pictures but then someone thought of Google Photos and yet someone else suggested that we share an album through our Apple accounts. It was a grand solution.

The last time that I went to Jamaica, there was no wifi and, now, there's a simple way to share photos online. There was only one person who had an android phone that had to figure out how to add to the album...

One of my colleagues who had not seen me since my return was surprised by my braids and wanted to know why I looked so different.

I told her that I do look very mature with my hair in an afro and she agreed. She told me that I look much younger OR Maybe it's all that yoga, she said.

Joked with her that she was going to start doing yoga one day and she said, No, I'm not flexible. And I told her that there was literally signage on the studio door that says No flexibility required.

But she said that her inflexibility bothers her. She also went on to say that it was too thoughtful for her and that her attention span does not go beyond 20 minutes. Pretty sure that the "inflexible one" would not have liked one of Lizzie's opening comments tonight -- Relax the space in  your head. I was all over that sentiment though.

Lamp at the Yoga Studio

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