Friday, November 6, 2015

Wow Factor

Didn't think that this yoga retreat could get more special but one of my fellow yogis joined us three days after everyone arrived.

Not only is Erin sweet but she also is a physical therapist and she gave me a neck and shoulder massage on the beach while it rained with reggae emanating from the Las Vegas club. Thought that I was going to combust from joy.

Rain Clouds and Horse

Third Negril Rainbow Spotted in Seven Days

Post-Yoga Intention-Setting Lantern Release


  1. This looks wonderful and I am SO jealous.

    You know, I've never gone on a "girl's" vacation and I'm really tempted. Maybe we could get a bunch of us blog friends on some sort of retreat...

  2. Even though I've been to Jamaica before, this trip was the most fun...

    What placesvdo you have on your list?

  3. I'd be happy to go almost anywhere! But some places that are high on my list - India, preferably Rajasthan. I know a lot of people from there, which would make it even more fun to visit. Greece, because I'm a fool for ancient history no matter how many centuries of tourists have trodden over it. Norway, because watching Lillyhammer intrigued me. Anywhere in the south Pacific. Anywhere in Europe.

    Barbados, because a book I liked when I was young referenced it, and books are usually why I become interested in a place. Bermuda - I'd love to go on a cruise there.

    Jamaica - you know, I'm not particularly interested, but it's not like I would MIND going there! And would love to see Cuba.

    But there would be closer places good for a girls trip. Savannah? Dauphin Island? Nashville?

  4. I'm in agreement about Europe and Cuba and I've heard good things about Savannah. Hadn't heard anything about Dauphin Island...I'm game as I so have the travel bug again.