Sunday, November 29, 2015


Sitting Ice Meditation
So, yeah...

Consulted Dr. Google, continued to use RICE, soaked the foot in Epsom salt (with eucalyptus essential oil) and also used Epsom salt lotion but my ankle was still swollen yesterday. My mother, a retired nurse, said she didn't like the look of it.

I had other input as well and my gut instinct was that I didn't have a break but I had listened to a The Moth podcast on Wednesday about this guy who had run into a deer while on a motorcycle, thought his finger was dislocated -- yadda, yadda, yadda and ended up having surgery on it because it healed improperly. Plus, all I was doing was sitting in the house with my leg on pillows so I grabbed Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, snacks, earbuds and headed to an urgent care that half of the Google reviewers were happy with.

Even though I had a cane and was struggling to walk, the nurse wanted me to hop on the scale which, in the long run is good, because I need another wake-up call about the weight that I've gained back and, of course, it's not lost on me that I will not be moving much in the coming weeks. Still, I'm ecstatic, that nothing is broken. The doctor said that usually when you have a sprain in the area that I sprained, it requires surgery. Huge, freakin' sigh of relief.

Walgreens was conveniently down the street so I got a prescrip for pain meds filled. I slept so well last night and the ProCare brace, although lightweight, makes my foot feel stable.

So, yeah, no errands this week.

No Zumbathon for Chris Sanna.

No zumba with Alisha.

No yoga class tomorrow.

I asked the doctor if it would be okay to swim and he looked at me silently and thoughtfully then asked if I was an aggressive swimmer.

Answer: heck no.

He did tell me that I might not be able to kick as much, to be careful because my balance is not the same and that if it hurts, stop, and it's a similar story for yoga. With the getting up and down, I don't plan to try a yoga class for at least a week, sad face...

The 'Fugee visited last night and did energy work for me. Whether you believe in energy work or not, I know that someone just touching you on the back, for just a short moment, can be transformational and healing.

On a final note, I have a whole new appreciation for walking around effortlessly -- chunky or not.


  1. Ugh. All I can think is, "it could have been worse," given what your doctor said about those kind of sprains. I'm very glad you don't need surgery. But this is going to be a difficult week for you, without zumba and yoga. The 'Fugee is a good friend.

  2. Yes, the 'Fugee is a good friend and you are too. 😊

    I'm trying and hoping to stay in the content zone...