Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Flipping the Page or Month-End Review, November

Looked at my calendar yesterday and was surprised that it was time to flip the page. Hadn't even thought about the month-end review because there's been nothing to mark on the calendar for a few days but November was beautiful and memorable.

I keep track of my exercise with iPod Notes and I have entries like Walk to the lighthouse...Walk on the beach... Walk to the Rock House... Hike (short but steep).

One day I went for a walk down the beach and this Jamaican said Where are you running off to? It was funny to me because I never run. Plus, I knew that he wanted to chitchat about wares and whatnot...

Looking forward to walking again at my regular pace whether or not I'm perceived as running or strolling.

10 Minute Solution: Fitness Ball Workouts
*Upper Body, 1 x

10 Minute Solution: Knockout Body
*Knockout Body Blast, 1 x

Country Line Dance Party!
*Ride 'em Cowboys, 1 x
*Scoot Them Boots, 2 x's

Dance It Off & firm up!
*Rock It, 1 x

Just Walk: Mix & Match Walk Blasters
*Light Walk

Just Walk: The Tone Every Zone Walk
*Upper Body Circuit, 2 x's

Leaf Raking, 1 x

Swimming, 6 x's

Walking, 21 x's

Walking on Unknown Jamaican Beach, From Shared Album (Unknown Photographer)

Yoga, 15 x's

Zumba, 3 x's

March of the Yogis, Negril-Style 

Joy a.k.a. Boss Lady, Carol & Whitney at the Lighthouse


  1. I love the unknown beach photo...

  2. Thanks. I think that's Booby Cay Island...