Sunday, December 27, 2015

Holding Pattern

Car Issue


No Yoga


Rain, Rain and More Rain


Reading or Reading\Bathing, & Watching Stuff on Netflix...

Can't go to yoga? Read about it.

Still raining...


  1. I love that you are reading a novel about Jamaica - that will help prolong the experience!

    We're also having constant rain, although warmer temperatures than you. Camping trip is probably canceled due to rain :-(

    I'm watching The Mindy Project - light but entertaining - and got hooked on The Great British Baking Show. Just like Breaking Bad, it's not something I thought I would be interested in, but it turns out I really like it. Competitive reality show without all the manufactured drama. Just make sure you have some snacks on hand while you're watching.

    I wonder if you would like "Death in Paradise" TV series? It's set in a fictional country but I believe shot in Jamaica. I enjoy it, but it's pretty slow-moving and not at all edgy.

  2. Re: Negril, I have definitely gotten a lot of mileage out of that vacation. :)

    That's a bummer about the camping trip...When I woke up this morning, thought that I heard rain but it was my imagination.

    It's funny that you mentioned The Great...Show. I've been watching The Great American Food Truck Race. I also checked to see if The Mindy Project was on Netflix and it isn't but Master of None was recommended and I'll check that out later. Will also look into Death in Paradise.

  3. I really liked Master of None. It grew on me. I have both Hulu and Netflix now and surprisingly I watch Hulu more often. They have more television shows.

    I hope you aren't getting flooded from the river.

  4. I used to watch Hulu for shows too then my computer crashed and I stopped.

    Do you watch a lot via Amazon Prime?

    There's no flooding in my area...

    1. Rarely watch Amazon Prime. Most of what I'm interested in still costs extra, it's not included in the price. I'm going to cancel it this year.