Saturday, December 5, 2015

Nixing Yoga, Not

Yes,'s a Jamaica towel.
It was short fuse Friday for me and that was before I got to work.

Knew that I needed yoga but was tempted to go straight home after work. Nixing yoga was not very good self-care and I also thought of something that Rosie told me once when I said that I was crabby and, therefore, going to yoga. That's what it's there for, she said.

And, so, I went to restorative yoga. Liz told us to start one way with two bolsters on the ground  -- if we were feeling over stimulated and to place a block underneath a bolster etc. if we were feeling depleting. I went with the set-up that would help with feelings of depletion and I definitely felt better after emerging from that pratice.

The babying paid off  because my ankle is better. I went swimming today and it felt so good but I stopped at 16 laps because I didn't want to push my luck.

Hopefully, luck will help me find my new glasses which I had up until abou 6:00 p.m...


  1. Love the Jamaica towel :-)
    Hrodebert's sister was once married to a Jamaican man (father of his niece) and so we have several momentos with those colors. Most notably a fabric belt - the style was to have a belt much longer than necessary for one's waistline, so that the dangling part is a bit of a brag about one's penis size.

    I know. How totally 1983.

    I love how you know you need yoga. Glad to hear your ankle is better.

  2. I'm glad that I got the towel. I hadn't really planned on getting souvenirs but got sentimental on the last full day.

    I wanna see your souvenirs. :)