Thursday, December 10, 2015

No Pressure

Rope Wreath
As Patti and I walked into the climbing gym last night, she said I forgot to take my ibuprofen...

Patti is so good at climbing and, in general, not a complainer so I sometimes forget that she has arthritis.

Of all the activities that I've been easing back into, I had the most apprehension about climbing. In fact, just call me the world's most careful climber. Thought I would be able to wear my foot brace but there's not much room in climbing shoes for anything other than feet so I cautiously made my way up four routes.

Ankle is a little throbby today but that might be the new normal for a while.

In some respects, it has been nice to have a break and go slow. I'm been exercising almost non-stop for eight years  and approaching activities in an easy manner ups the level of efficiency and makes me concentrate more on form.

I've been in a no pressure state of mind.

Went to a Yoga Buzz play date at Title Boxing tonight and knew that I would be in for a rabid cardio kind of class mixed with boxing. I remained still during moves that I thought would compromise my ankle but I had fun punching. My upper body was all bunched up when I finished but I was reminded of how good of a workout boxing can be. I was also reminded that you must have your own gloves if you're serious about boxing. Gym gloves are disgusting...


  1. I follow Yoga BuzzSTL and they are always having interesting and delicious looking events. Wish they were around when u was still in the area! Would love to get on some of that!

  2. Maybe if you get to stay longer during a trip, we can go to a Buzz event???... Was kind of weird to see all those yogis punching though. ;)