Saturday, January 2, 2016

Didn't Think So

Relaxapalooza, Bring Your Own Blanket
One of my colleagues stopped by my office on New Year's Eve to wish me a Happy New Year and then asked me while shaking her head no was I going to a party. Didn't think so she said. I then told her that I was going to practice yoga and she scrunched up her face I knew it. I almost asked you. She om'd at me then said goodbye.

Went to a New Year's Eve Flow class and, after practice, Alison asked if I needed to run or if I could chit chat for a while. We agreed on Starbucks but, on the way, I wondered if they'd be open and they were until 9 so that was the extent of my wild New Year's Eve celebration -- yoga plus decaf coffee.

Relaxapalooza was on tap for New Year's Day -- two hours of restorative yoga, harmonium, reiki and intention setting. Felt a little naseous but didn't think anything of it although I did hit the pressure point between my pointer finger and thumb several times at the beginning of class.

Sat in the car with Alison after practice and had a mint and, as soon as I got home, I couldn't stand up anymore. I'm hardly ever cold but I couldn't warm up for a long time. Hit the bed around four and my feet didn't touch the floor much after that.

Emerged from bed about 10:30 and started off with water and mint tea and nothing else.

Hoping that my routine will be back to normal soon...

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