Monday, January 11, 2016

Shoe Box Anyone?

Since I've returned from Negril, I've spent most of my time in braids confusing people and making them retrace their steps since I look significantly different.

I really didn't consider braids before because my hair took a while to grow after keeping it closely cropped for almost 10 years.

The braids have been a good strategy for swimming because I don't have to deal with tangled hair. I had planned to braid my hair on Saturday but when I saw the forecast, I decided to keep the 'fro intact so it was kind of funny when I checked into class and Joy asked Want to come to Jamaica with me and get your hair braided?

Naughty, naughty Joy...

Speaking of the naughty one, Joy likes to say how the feet are the energetic gateway to the body and I've heard others mention it as well. When the ball of my left foot was misbehaving, I was a total believer in the whole gateway thing...

I bought a pair of Ahnu sandals for the yoga retreat and, of course, I'm on their mailing list now. Behold, it's the In Studi-Om.

No thanks but I don't want to block my energetic gateway. Plus, freeing the feet is one of the joys of yoga.

Nike also has a studio "shoe" and, dang, it's cute but I can totally remember Gloria talking about how there were no mats or blocks when she first started practicing yoga and so specific shoes for yoga are definitely not needed.

I put my Garmin fitness tracker on for the first time in six weeks and four days. I wanted to see how many steps I'm taking without exercising so that I can gradually increase my mileage. My gait feels normal so I feel ready to be more active.


  1. I can''t believe you braid your hair yourself. I'm not coordinated enough to do things like that.

    Glad to hear your gateway is feeling better!

  2. Nothing fancy on the braids -- about eight cornrows but I am amazed that, for the most part, I can part the hair and get a straight line.