Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cool Air Again

Went swimming last night.

Thought about not going because I knew that the water would be cold but, at this point, swimming is one of the few exercises that I feel safe doing.

True enough, the water was cold and I was the only one in the pool after the youth group exited at their dedicated time. 

The one youth coach greeted me warmly -- as she usually does...

Had the pool to myself for the longest time. I can't feel my face when I'm with you got on my radar as my ears surfaced then submerged. Kind of feel like I've heard the song before but maybe it was the cadence of catchy song after song that made it stick in my ear this time...

Swimming parkas -- think they're silly? I longed for one just for the walk from the pool to the locker room. Wanted to ask them to turn on the heat lamps but that would have required getting hit by cool air again.

I was out for the count during last night's sleep session which is not an atypical post-swim thing.

Ankle was fine this morning even though when I stretch it on any given morning, I can feel the tension and tenderness.

Since I haven't been going on walks, no podcasts for me but I did find this article, Here's how To Get Rich or Die Podcasting, interesting and then I promptly downloaded Surprisingly Awesome

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