Monday, January 18, 2016

The Beautiful Dream

It took me forever to get of bed but can you blame me?

I just wanted to hunker down for the long haul and to put the "ice" on top of the cake, there was a wind chill advisory until 10:30-ish.

Even though it took a while for my feet to hit the floor, I got a lot of stuff done: cleaning the fish tank, washing clothes, washing my hair, cooking and, at some point, getting deeper into Elizabeth Gilbert's novel.

My reward? A yoga double header. Two hours of yoga was like a workshop but not. The main thing that I heard during two hours of practice was Joy's repeated suggestions to soften and her initial one that we pay attention to the 98% of things that are going right with our bodies...

Love this girl's answer of He had a beautiful dream. It's so sweet.

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