Sunday, January 31, 2016

What Happenened To Your Mat? Or Month-End Review, January

My tally of activities is pretty simple because it was, mostly, a yoga affair. Being on my mat over 15 times was a great way to start 2016 and many thanks to Joy and Annie for doing free yoga in the month of January again. It was nice to connect with so many kindred souls.

The woman practicing on my right today had me cracking up. When I returned from getting props she asked me what happened, in the funniest way, to my mat. You can see the underbelly and chunks are missing. She's probably concerned because we have the same mat but I've had mine for about two years, I think. At any rate, it's time to get another indoor, quality mat...

I feel like my ankle has turned a corner. It hasn't been doing that stinging-achy-swelling thing -- knock on wood. I'm looking forward to being more active.

Joy said a lot of interesting things this morning during class but the one that I turned over to inspect was Lighten your load.

Climbing, 1 x
Swimming, 3 x's
Yoga, 19 x's
Zumba, 2 x's

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