Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Set It Free

Took a short walk yesterday and tuned into my first podcast in months. It was The Moth episode with Lynnee Breedlove and Jama Jack. Didn't make it all the way through but I enjoyed the pre-show banter about resolutions. This woman said that she was going to let go of hope so that she could embrace it more or something like that and the host said "If you love hope then set it free..." LOL

Of course, now I have that song by Sting in my head.

Went to yoga last night and there were about 20 of us in class but we all had space to stretch out. Jill moved her mat to my area and said I hope you don't think that I'm weird but I was in the other class and wanted to move my mat. We had a nice conversation about weirdness.

Several of us also discussed  how many classes we'd taken during January. I assumed that Jill had gotten in 30 because she did it last year but she has a new cat and bonding with the cat was her priority.

I asked another woman and she said that nothing had changed about her schedule because she took her normal classes and she regularly gets in about four to five classes a week.

So, yeah, I'm used to getting my yoga buzz on and I'll try to get in about three classes a week.

Went swimming tonight and got in 20 laps. Love my Tuesday night p.m. swim session even if the water is cold.


  1. That's so funny your yoga friend had to bond with her cat.

    If you were a yoga instructor, you'd get to/have to do it several times a day!

  2. Yes, Jill has another cat but he is partial to her husband and she wants this cat to level the playing field...

    I wonder if I would get burned out if I could take several classes a day.