Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Locked It In

When I emerged from the locker room last night, I heard the youth swim team coach say I want you to lock it in and I thought Yeah, I'm going to lock it in. I don't know if I locked it in but I did get in 22 laps.

Saw this article on the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' (UNHCR) Twitter feed and it made me go to the YMCA's website to see what intermediate classes they have available. The one closest to me only has a Saturday class but I will keep looking as I'd like to advance my swimming skills.

Took the day off from work as it is Alison's birthday and she wanted me to spend time with her. The request reminded me of what Gloria said recently -- If you don't ask, the answer is always no.

We planned to hit one yoga class but because of the weather, Alison's kid was out of school and we had to switch plans and go to the gym that has childcare.

There was plenty of room in the studio but this woman put her mat right in front of mine. Seriously? Alas, it didn't matter because the teacher didn't show up so we went to one of our favorite restaurants and chilled there.

Plenty of Space
After my time with Alison, I regrouped then ran errands including going to the library. I've had to abandon two books and I'm hoping that I will be able to relate to The House of Tomorrow.


  1. Can you imagine moving from Somalia to Norway? Quite the change!

    What is with the yoga mat woman. Why do people do that? If there was room, would you have moved your own mat over, and maybe given her A Look?

  2. LOL, I have rearranged my mat before minus the look. "Looks" are verboten in the Yogi Book of Conduct. ;) Not sure why people aren't more space aware...