Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Good Question

Checked in with Patti to see if she wanted to climb yesterday but she needed to help a friend out. I still could have gone climbing but wanted the extra time to chill out.

Patti and I got into an email conversation which started with her talking about a TED podcast, Rethinking Death, that she'd listened to.

She straight up wanted me to finish a starter phrase that she'd heard during the podcast -- Before I die, I want to...

Me: What kind of question is this for a Wednesday?
Patti: It's a good question for EVERY day...
Of course I had to download the podcast and a lot of it made me think about Caitlyn Doughty's book Smoke Gets In Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory and my tour of Bellefontaine Cemetery.

A few of my answers to Patti:

1). More stamps on the passport

2). More yoga retreats

3). Diving competence

4). More dedication to self-care...

How would you finish that phrase?


  1. 1. Do a pull-up;
    2. See more of the southern and western USA; and,
    3. Finish the darn decluttering project.

  2. Re: decluttering, I totally feel you. Each spring, I dream about renting dumpsters... Good luck with one and I hope the traveling happens sooner than later.