Monday, February 8, 2016


Me On Friday
On Thursday went to Zumba and wore a foot brace but, for Saturday's class, I took the brace off and I haven't put it back on since then. The brace is off but I'm still treating my ankle with kid gloves.

It's hard to get back into the swing of things but I did thirty minutes of exercise after work -- light walking and line dancing then I went to yoga. I've been doing pigeon on my back but decided to give it a try the "regular" way. When I went to scooch my left foot over, my ankle protested a bit -- just enough to let me know that it is not totally healed and, on the other side, my knee was not happy so I switched positions and did reclining pigeon. I am at the point where I'm much wiser about listening to my body.

I'm still thinking about what Joy said during Sunday's class about Imbolc -- about being halfway between winter and spring and how now is the time to plant seeds or to get back in alignment with whatever New Year's resolutions that may have fallen by the wayside. It's the seed planting that I'm mulling over. Indeed, what kind of seeds do I want to plant? What do I want to see come into fruition?

Went to watch the third and fourth quarters of the Super Bowl with my aunt Alice and she was surprised that I had my hair in braids since I had sent Chiquita a picture of my afro on Friday. I explained to my aunt that I tend to wear braids up until Tuesday and then I give my head a break.

Told my aunt, who was surprised that I swim in the winter, that it's much easier to swim with braids. I also told her that the building is usually nice and toasty. But what about when you get out of the water...? Um, you walk as fast as possible and hope that the shower water is warm.


  1. That's the drawback to long hair, you always have to tie it up somehow. When I wear braids (not quite like yours!) or use clips or rubber bands of any kind, it gives me a headache after a few hours.

    I'm going to think about the seeds I want to plant. I bounce back and forth between impatient with myself and realizing I need some quiet time, as far as resolutions go. It seems I get in this odd mood most years this time.

  2. Not surprised about the headache. My head feels unbelievably light when I take braids down.

    I think winter is a mood-making season. Keep reminding myself to be patient, to be of good cheer, etc.