Saturday, February 13, 2016


Zumba was the most exciting part of my day and everything else has been pretty chill so no complaints.

Went to test drive an Impreza yesterday and was imprezzed, ta-da...

Specifically picked this one dealership because they had an older model but what I've learned is that dealers are not interested in selling a used vehicle. One told me that the older model was fully loaded and, therefore, the same price as the 2016.

So much has changed at dealerships. Last night, the 'Fugee went with me and we both got Trader Joe's chocolate as we headed out the door. They also had hot chocolate, tea etc. and there was a sizable monitor where I could imagine the car in jasmine green and quartz blue pearl. Want some color on that car? It'll set you back an additional $3,000 dollars.

Booty from Subaru
I have to keep reminding myself that I need a new car. In fact, I made a list so that I don't forget. My current one is a 2001. The catalytic converter needs to be replaced. The brakes make a god-awful noise when it rains or snows so when I hear that rain is in the forecast, I dread driving my car and, no, the brakes don't need to be replaced. There's something amiss, but not dangerous, with the brake mechanism in the Protege's latter years.

Did you hear about the gas without the station? Wish that I could tell someone what I want in a car and get them to negotiate a price for me. The salesman, of course, tried to get me to sign on the dotted line last night but I've never that impulsive and, sure enough, the discounted offer that I got was the same price, minus discount, at another dealership.

Part of me wants to buy an Enterprise car but they have way too many miles on them, duh, but at least you don't have to haggle over a price.

One "trivial" thing that I like about the Impreza is the sound system which is awesome. Listening to music on my iPod in that car reminded me of Sharon who was an art therapist. I told her about taking my then new Mazda to the dealer to get the CD fixed because I like to listen to music in the morning and she said What dedication to self-care. I will forever be grateful to Sharon for firmly planting that seed in my head.


  1. Do they have CarMax where you live? It's a no-haggle used car dealership. You can go see what the prices are on the cars you like then go look them up and see if it seems fair. There's a trade-off I suppose: you *might* be able to get a better deal elsewhere.

  2. Yes, we have a Carmax. They kind of fell off my radar but I recently looked at their inventory and will take another look. Thanks for the rec.

  3. Also I am laughing at the idea of Filld. How is it more convenient to schedule being in a certain time and place rather than just popping into the nearest gas station when you're already in your car? I don't get it. It would be different if they just came to your house every few days and filled the car while you slept...

  4. LOL, maybe it feels more efficient to have someone come to you even if it's at a scheduled time???