Monday, January 4, 2016

Five Weeks and Four Days

Saw that Tom Brady suffered a high ankle sprain and that he intends to be back for the playoffs by Jan. 16th. Also read that he "played through" a sprained ankle before while playing agains the St. Louis Rams, eons ago, in a Superbowl match-up.

All I could think was Bravo and I also thought about the athletic trainers and doctors that are providing Brady with topnotch care.

I decided that since it had been five weeks and four days that I'd stop wearing my brace since my ankle, knee and gait are better but my ankle was swollen after work so the brace goes back on. It's silly to have a tool and not use it.

A massage therapist also told me that all of those ligaments are tiny and they get one tenth of the blood supply so it takes them ten times as long to heal. 

I did go to yoga tonight and my props included my brace. At one point Joy say It's your body, your breath and your practice which is a good sentiment for me to hold onto for the days to come and beyond.


  1. I'm sorry your ankle is taking so long to heal! Ugh I hate being constrained by an injury and I'm always so impatient for it to get better. It's hard to avoid making it worse. Don't try to be Tom Brady.

    My doctor said the same thing about ligaments, when I was having plantar fasciitis. He said the white things heal a lot slower than the red things.

  2. I like what your doctor said because it's easy to remember.

    Re: impatience, yeah, I have to keep doing a lot of self-talk.

    Also, can't imagine the pressure on professional athletes to return to play before they're ready.