Saturday, January 9, 2016

Between Every Mat

Headed to restorative yoga after work yesterday. It's free yoga for the month of January at our friendly neighborhood yoga studio so it was packed. Gloria, who teaches elsewhere, will say that the class is not full until there's "one hand space" between every mat and that about sums up the real estate scenario at our friendly studio.

The woman next to me is new to the studio and, after class, she said I won't do this again. Not that I disliked it and I probably should take this kind of class but...

I'm actually thinking about giving up the class for a different reason. From work, the main street is busy then the studio is busy etc.

I like small classes and I like big ones  but it was way too much energy in the restorative class for me to settle down. Although, I was able to put together an impressive savasana...

It's 25 degrees and windy in The Lou. The perfect temperature for settling down with peppermint tea and Elizabeth Gilbert's The Signature of All Things.

To most suitors' tastes, Beatrix van Devender would have appeared dauntingly overeducated. She was conversant in five living languages and two dead ones, with an expertise in botany equal to a man's. Decidely, this woman was not a coquette. She was no ornament of the drawing room. She dressed in the full spectrum of colors that one associates with common house sparrows. She nursed a hard suspicion of passsion, exaggeration. and beauty, putting her confidence only in that which was solid and credible, and always trusting acquired wisdom over impulsive instinct. (42)


  1. Will the friendly neighborhood studio empty out after January?

    LOL i like the way they give you a free month to get you hooked!

  2. I know -- good and hooked and, yes, the classes will thin out after January.

    The woman that I was next to on Friday asked me if I was new to the studio and I told her that I'd been coming since last January and she said that I was the fourth or fifth person who had told her that...