Monday, November 16, 2015

The Stormy Yoga Session

Just got back from a super relaxing class. Thank you to Annie who started off class with one of my favorite phrases Let's start on our backs. 

Got to practice next to one of my yoga retreat peeps tonight. Laura introduced me to two of her peeps and I felt a little bad about not being more sociable with my fellow yogis... 

Tonight's special class got me to thinking about my favorite classes during the yoga retreat and I have to say that the very first practice was meaningful to me because I was discombobulated from traveling and that first class made me feel grounded and let me know that everything was going to be good.

My second favorite class is what I like to call the stormy weather yoga class. We hit the mat and it was breezy and the sky looked dark.  
Storm Clouds, Negril (Nov. 2015)

Alison let me borrow her Manduka travel mat which is pretty lightweight and it totally turned into a magic carpet trying to fly away. That class almost became a laughter yoga class as we tried to anchor, mostly, our mats. Several yogis came over to place things on my mat because it was all over the place and twisted. 

During the stormy class, I also liked it when Joy said, during savasana, that she was on the lookout and that we could go ahead and settle into corpse pose. I love a good guard...

What I learned from the stormy yoga session was to not rely on a travel mat. A travel mat blows away easily but it also doesn't offer very much support and if you're on a yoga retreat, you might as well have a worthy mat. I also learned that in addition to the universe having my back, my fellow yogis also have my back.

My Mat; Cup, Book & Journal All Belong to My Fellow Yogis

How It Looked After We Practiced Yoga That Day


  1. You should definitely have a worthy mat for a yoga retreat. I think next time you should treat yourself to a fancy new one.

  2. It doesn't take much to convince me. :)

    I tried to be a minimalist with packing so the lightweight travel mat appealed to me but now I know better and I will definitely level up.