Friday, November 27, 2015

...Miss Your Water

Well, certainly did not plan to spend the holiday weekend with my leg elevated but that's why accidents are called accidents.

I was getting ready to head to Illinois when I forgot about the hole on the street (near curb) and fell down. Hurt so bad that my ears were ringing and I thought, for sure, that my ankle, which went golf ball size immediately, was broken.

Kept my foot elevated and on ice. No pain today. Swelling disappeard on left side but has migrated to right. The abrasion on my right knee bothers me more than my foot. Don't think anything is broken but not entirely sure since I can't put my full weight on the foot.

You don't miss walking around effortlessly until...


  1. Oh no! This is NOT what I call having a great Thanksgiving. I don't know how you got back into the house (assume you went back into your house - or did you continue to drive to Illinois?). I hope this clears right up today. Let me know if you need anything - I have Amazon Prime and two day shipping would probably get there before you starved.

  2. No, spraining one's ankle is definitely not a good Thanksgiving activity.

    After trying to regain my sense of equilibrium, I inched my way into the house, regrouped and headed out. My aunt Girt had a cane waiting for me.

    Several people offered to come and get me but since it was my left foot, I pressed on.

    Thank you for your very sweet offer... :)