Monday, July 18, 2016

Day Trip

View from Scenic Road
Not much feeling sweet lately...

Took the today off and Alison had time on her hands as well. We were both trying to maximize our time but managed to agree on hiking despite the promised high temp of 97. We went to Grafton, IL where most of the trails are marked as moderately difficult on the map in the visitors' center. Different story on website. We went up so many inclines that my Fitbit thought that I had climbed 52 flights of stairs. Felt like we hiked for 13 miles but it was more like three-ish. Not really sure.

During the middle of our hike, we heard thunder and the rain followed soon thereafter. Luckily, we were close to a shelter and hung out there for about 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the trail was muddy as hell after the rain and I'm not sure how I kept myself from falling but I managed to avoid a mud bath.

Alison and I got back to the Missouri side around 3-ish and had a late lunch then we parted and met back up again for yoga.

Tevas after brief puddle bath. 
Had a frustrating ride to yoga because of construction everywhere then a really slow driver in front of me. Joy talked about the moon being in Capricorn and emotions being high or something like that. Hope that explains some of the turbulence right now. I will say that the hike was satisfying. Maybe it was because I had to concentrate on getting up those hills and staying upright.


  1. I want to say, Sorry about your hike, but it sounds like it was good despite obstacles.

  2. Yes, it was still good. I need to remember to put an extra set of clothes in the car for unusual situations.

    The hike has also sparked my interest in exploring other trails -- especially in the fall.