Sunday, July 3, 2016

Choice Words

Watched episodes eight and nine of Downton Abbey, season three. At the end of the episode nine, I let a couple of choice words fly in English and in Bosnian. The 'Fugee said I haven't heard you cursing* in a while.

She was right. I haven't been cursing. Surprise, surprise for someone who got busted for impressive cursing back in the seventh grade. Some friends and I were playing a friendly game of elimination Uno on the fire escape. I had a hand full of cards and someone changed the color allowing someone to win the game. My verbal rampage was heard by the principal and two assistant principals who I hadn't seen standing about 200 feet (or more) away. I thought that my parents were going to kill me once they heard what I had done. The assistant principal along with another teacher harassed me for a while including telling me that they hadn't heard sailors curse like that but they never called my parents and I did not stop to look that gift horse in the mouth...

Went to a birthday party for a woman who celebrated her 65th birthday. I know the woman from my childhood when I used to go to church. If you asked me to say two things about her, I would say that she is kind and one of the best huggers ever. The birthday woman has been having serious health concerns and has not being doing well -- even this week. She thought about not having  the party but said that, in the end, she did want to celebrate life. She went on to say that there's a reason that she's still alive -- even if it's just tell the room full of people that she loves them. Goosebumps!

The birthday woman's statement made me think about something that Joy said when I first started attending her classes. Joy said that there's integrity in living a "normal" life -- being a good sister, mother, going to work etc...

I keep thinking about the obituaries of the Orlando victims and also about talking to the 90-year-old funeral director who started the paperwork for my grandmother's arrangements and she said that everyone should write their own obituary.

Just read Gingerzingi's recent post about social media and it got me to thinking about a book review on Unclutterer about your digital afterlife.

I think about my aunt who died of peripheral artery disease. She did not have a good relationship with her child and she did not want to talk about final wishes, including distribution of assets.

I also think about how nice it was to have closure when writer David Mills suddenly died from a brain aneurysm. He had a blog called Undercover Blackman and left his password for his nephew.

There's a lot of organizing that I need to do...

*Being less rattled makes me curse less. Who would have thunk it?



    I remember that season; a real kick in the teeth. But I think it was a good choice for the show—in real life, shit happens. And no matter how rich you are, you aren't immune to birth and death. But also I think Mary and Mathew together would have SO DULL, so from a story perspective, it was best to get rid of him.

    *I don't know who would read your blog and not have seen Season 3 yet, but I felt obligated to put the spoiler warning.

    Just started watching Season 6, the final series. The stories have made me realize that I never saw Season 5! You know, I'm not as completely enthralled with the show as some people are, but it's been consistently good. The production values are through the roof and I feel like they've captured some of the really important social issues of each era. And the wardrobes are fantastic, that's probably my favorite part.

    I've instructed Hrodebert to log in to my blog and post an announcement, if I die. He knows where to find the password.

  2. Yeah, after calming down, I told the 'Fugee that the ending was realistic. I can only imagine how many car accidents occurred at that time.

    That's kind of funny that you started watching season six but I understand. I never got around to watching the final season of The Sopranos!