Tuesday, July 5, 2016


My non-work dilemma of the day was deciding whether to go to the outdoor city pool then yoga or to just go to the indoor pool for 7:00 p.m. open swim. I decided on the latter since the city's deep-end is often closed during the week which makes it harder to get in a workout.

Going to open swim at 7 had it cons but no scenario is perfect, duh.

Tonight was, like, round six between Katie and her instructor. Katie, get your goggle and go. Katie, it's a new diving board...Katie...

I got in about 10 laps before lane-sharing commenced. The woman apologized to me because she veers when she does the backstroke. There was no need to apologize for veering but an apology should have definitely been issued for the loud, sickly, sweet perfume.

Went to yoga yesterday. The schedule consisted of 9:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. classes. I chose the latter and, because it was a holiday, Alison was able to go as well. I was taken aback when Alison wanted to go for custard after yoga. Custard is never on my mind after yoga. It's seldom on my mind and I didn't want to go but didn't want to be a killjoy either. I keep telling myself that one dipped cone is not going to make or break me.

On another food note, I've been watching season five of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown. I'm on the Budapest episode and he just told this cook the reason sugar is used in some savory recipes is to make other flavors pop.

Whenever I see sugar in, say, the recipe for Chili Lime Peanuts, I skip it. Same thing with stir-fry recipes. I don't see the need to add sugar -- said the woman who had a cone of custard after yoga...


  1. When I was running at the city lake park, there were two separate people, one male one female, I would regularly encounter who absolutely REEKED of cologne. Fortunately we were always going in opposite directions so I'd just pass by them briefly, because it was so obnoxious.

  2. There's someone at work who's cologne has staying power and sticks around long after he is gone. Just awful...