Monday, July 25, 2016

The Rub

Took the day off and did the following:

Grocery Shopping
Laundry, One Load
Mopped, Bathroom Floor
Pool, Quickie

Regarding the pool, just felt like I had to be outdoors for a while. The kids were having so much fun today -- tossing a ball around and horse-playing. I thought it was so cute when this one little girl said Somebody flip me over! It was nice to see kids being kids.

Got to yoga early and these two women were holding a lengthy conversation so I couldn't put my mat down but as soon as I walked away to say hi to someone, they moved and this woman put her stuff down even though I had my rolled mat and two blocks in the vicinity.

I threw a verbal tantrum and I'm pretty sure that I was heard by several people... I moved to the front of the class and this woman asked me why did some people have blankets and why did some people have bolsters. Her question made me calm down and refocus.

I find myself in the extreme zone again. Things that should not be rubbing me the wrong way are rubbing me the wrong way.

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