Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Don't Make It Ugly

Marisa wrote our workout on her small whiteboard:


2 kb cleans (a.k.a. having a kettlebell bell in each hand and swinging them at the same time)
2 kb presses
2 kb front squats
2 kb cleans
2 kb presses
2 kb front squats

I used 25 pounds for three sets because we ran out of 22 pounders. For the 22 sets, I gladly traded stations with Julia.

I usually find swinging two kettlebells very difficult and tonight was no different. During my fifth set, I put down one of the kettlebells during the front squats and modified with a goblet squat.

After the double kb series, things didn't get easier. Next up: 100 kettlebell snatches.

Marisa told a new swinger, Meg, Don't make it ugly then advised her to take a break because she couldn't maintain her form.

I'm not sure how I maintained my form or finished the snatches. Peer pressure might have had something to do with it but there was not enough pressure to make me finish the 100 push-ups. My triceps were pumped like Ball Park Franks.

We (and I use that pronoun loosely) finished up the night with pull-ups, kb rows and planks. I had so much heat in my body after class that it didn't feel like 17 degrees at all.

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