Friday, December 6, 2013


As I carefully made my way to work, I saw this woman in full stride. Cap, shorts, leggings.

There's part of me that wanted to roll down the window and yell encouragement. I love it when people get their workouts in despite the weather but there's also the part of me that thought I would never run in the snow because I would fear slipping and putting myself out of commission.

When I first started to swim, I went across town to find out that the pool heater was broken. Cold water plus a lifeguard? I got in the water. I sometimes remember that incident when I complain about the cold water at the pool that I currently go to.

I've also driven for a total of one hour to take a 90 minute hot yoga class and I've driven like a bat out of hell (through the city and back on the highway) after encountering a traffic jam to make it to a regular yoga class.

Fifteen minutes to make it to class and I'm twelve minutes away? I can do it. Never mind that I have to park, check in and whatnot. I can do it. Totally understand the runners that I saw today.


  1. I'm actually kind of jealous that you are slipping and sliding right now.

  2. There is something magical about the snow. Love to see it fall and accumulate.