Saturday, September 13, 2014

I Don't Need Any Addresses

Goodbye Buddha Bowl
After work on Friday, went to get comfort food at Lulu's and Lulu told me that the Buddha Bowl wouldn't be on the menu for long because they were switching to a fall menu.

I laughed because the brick and mortar Lulu's has not been in business long and Lulu already knows that I'm a creature of habit but she did tell me about some of the food that would be on the new menu.

I thanked Lulu for the advance notice warning and headed home to have my usual Friday evening kick back and relax cup of coffee.

Found a message from my mother saying that one of her friends wanted the addresses of vegan and vegetarian restaurants. When I called to talk to Ms. D, she said that she needs to lose weight and that her doctor advised her to go without meat at least one day out of the week but she wants to try vegetarian options before she invests money in groceries.

When I got ready to give Ms. D the addresses, she said I don't need any addresses. I want to go with you. I laughed again.

Fall-like Weather


  1. Do I see cilantro in that buddha bowl? Anything is good with cilantro in it.

  2. Yes...Cilantro is like a flavor bomb. I know what it tastes like but I'm still pleasantly surprised when the flavor explodes.