Monday, September 8, 2014

Maybe It Wasn't The Wrong Way

Alison and I made Sunday plans to practice yoga then to bicycle on the Riverfront Trail.

Struggled to get my stuff together and made it to Gloria's class with about five minutes to spare. Normally, I set up shop in the front of the class but saw that Alison was in the back so I set up shop beside her and ended up being smack dab in the middle of class with a lot of backs in front of me which I found very calming for some reason.

Did a little post-yoga chatting with the First Couple of Yoga (a.k.a. Mike and Tammy) et al. then Alison and I made our way to the parking lot and, as I pulled off, I wondered whether or not I should have waited for her.

Made my way through the St. Louis (6, ouch) and Minnesota (34) tailgaters and got a call from Alison to let me know that she'd gone the wrong way and had also come across an accident. She got out to see about the man who'd fallen off his motorcycle and told him to take some deep breaths and that he was okay (except for his arm). That's so Alison and if I am ever in that situation, I want an Alison to stop and comfort me.

We finally hit the trail and, about two miles in, I just about stopped in my tracks when I saw Mike Brown graffiti. It wasn't until later that I saw the hand prints up above the RIP.

Think this yellow situation was dark brown before.

No Justice No Peace

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