Thursday, September 4, 2014

Midway Through

Vision in right eye was like a blurry kaleidoscope yesterday and that usually happens when I'm stressing.

I did energy work on myself and was surprised when I got quick results. Goodbye blurry vision but Good morning headache.

I don't like to take pills but finally gave in midday and it was a really good decision.

Another good decision was taking myself to Sheila's outdoor yoga class. I'm not totally crazy about the class but there are so many things that Sheila does that I am crazy about including how she started class with Qigong.

Also, I like the way that you're going to look people in the eye in Sheila's class or you're going to sit back-to-back or stand hip-to-hip. There are no strangers and midway through class, I can breathe without constrictions.

Protips from Sheila: If you were tight pants, don't. Free your belly. Also, you should really massage your belly every day...

Picked up magazines from the library and in the June 2014 issue of Consumer Reports there's an article called How To Live Well Into Your 80s and Beyond: Five Keys to a Long, Healthful Life:
2). Keeping Your Body Strong
One of the ongoing effects of aging is loss of muscle mass. If you don't do anything to fight it, you could find yourself unable to get out of an armchair or off the toilet one day. Aging also brings declines in aerobic capacity and flexibility...
Even though I get frustrated with the whole trying to lose weight thing, this article made me realize (again) that I am doing many things right.

I've been watching Alaska: The Last Frontier. Didn't like it at first but I'm really into it now. Standing in a river catching your own salmon then brining it -- that's badass. I was also impressed when the Kilcher clan took their heavy equipment, by barge, to build a sturdier cabin for the range rider so that bears wouldn't be able to easily get in. Their other task is to build a fence to prevent the cattle from wandering into more dangerous territory -- in two days.

Atz Lee is super tired as he works on the cabin but knows he has to get the job done so that they can leave at just the right time. Otherwise, the tide will be too low and the barge will get stuck. I just concentrate on one nail then the next then one board and...And, really, that's the way to approach most tasks.


  1. I haven't seen Alaska yet, but I started watching Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown. I know you mentioned it, but I didn't look into it because for some reason I thought Bourdain was Gordon Ramsey. Could not understand why you liked it. Now that that misconception is cleared up, I am enjoying the show :)

    However, I don't like how few women are in it. I know part of that is the societies they travel in, but not always, not every episode. It seems oddly unbalanced.

    So far my favorite episode was Libya, but my favorite food was Canada.

  2. I drooled during the Canada episode. One of my coworkers loves bread, butter, creme fraiche etc. and I told her that she has to watch that episode.

    I love it when they're ice fishing (I think) and they're in this shack and they bust out with goblets and silverware...

    Re: women, it is unbalanced.