Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Off The Couch

Slept like a rock and woke up hard.

After work, assumed a horizontal position. I wasn't really alert but I wasn't sleep either. Pulled myself together, ate then headed to the pool and just as I was thinking how peaceful it was this woman with an orange swimming cap popped into my lane unannounced which annoyed me. I also wondered why, oh why, she didn't get into someone else's lane.

At some point Orange Cap asked me how many laps constitute a mile. I didn't know, she said. I just came with my daughter and I'm happy to be off the couch. Of course, once she said that she was happy to be off the couch, I completely softened and was happy for her.

Love this article about Vivian Stancil, a legally blind woman, who learns to swim at the age of 50 in order to lose weight. Her story is very inspiring and makes me want to learn how to do the butterfly stroke. I'm also ready to participate in another event since I haven't done one in a long time.

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