Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Favorite Saturday Thing

Gloria invited, as we joked, her A (Alison, Andrea, Anne) team over for a Japanese-style dinner and a little sewing.

I confessed to Gloria that I was a little worried when she told me about the Japanese theme but I was brave and didn't try to fill up beforehand.

For dinner there was sticky rice with a flourish of imitation crab meat which I left alone. It was probably okay but I didn't want to take the chance seeing that my body doesn't like certain seafood. We also had delicious salad (with kale in the mix) and tofu burgers which I loved. For dessert we had fruit cocktail with agar and red bean paste on the side.

Gloria was worried that we might not be full but my stomach was tight and it was probably because we had roasted rice and green tea before eating. As I was getting my portion of tomatoes that Alison brought over, my eyes got big as saucers when Gloria came into the kitchen with cake with a little fire on top. The birthday celebration continues...

Did my favorite Saturday thing and noticed how toasty it was as I hoisted my bike and put it on the rack but I was reminded on the trail that it is indeed fall.

A Little Red

More Art Work by The "Michael Jackson" Artist

Hands Up...Don't Shoot

Mullanphy Pump House


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